TakakoMorimotoTakako MORIMOTO

Money Seminar Instructor | Financial Planner

Born in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Konan Women’s University Junior College, Department of English.
After working as an office lady, moved to New York alone at the age of 23. He returned to Japan in 1998 after working as an executive secretary at PwC Coopers (Price Waterhouse), an American lawyer secretary, and the first Japanese indycar racer Hiro Matsushita’s NY office manager.
As a member of Team Gow who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2004, he is mainly involved in VIP support and management.
Joined a foreign-affiliated insurance company in 2008. Rookie of the Year, LIMRA Continuation Excellence Award.
Worked at Gift Your Life Co., Ltd. from March 2014. To the present. He is also a professional coach using brain science. Active as a lecturer at money seminars held nationwide.

Holding qualification

FP (Level 2 Financial Planning Technician)
2018/2019/2020 MDRT Results Qualifications Member Inheritance Examiner (General Inheritance Association)
Terminal Diagnosis Officer (Japan Quality of Life Association)
Professional coach (T & R certified)
Saison Money School Certified Teacher
Vision Therapist (Certified by Higher Works Co., Ltd.)
WD Practitioner (Certified by Japan Society for Appropriate Mechanics)

In his private life, he belongs to Kimono Beauty Japan, where he holds various shows and other activities to spread the fun and beauty of kimono to people all over the world.


What do you need to live happily?

I think that “heart,” “body,” and “economy” are all healthy, and it will be a fulfilling life for the first time. Among them, the economy is important, but many Japanese have a negative image of “money”, and they spend their time without being properly faced. I would like these people to have a better life by communicating the correct knowledge of money.

Money is difficult to discuss with family and friends. Think of us as FPs (Financial Planners), your personal money home doctors who offer solutions to your money insecurity. We would be delighted if you could feel free to consult us and help you financially.

The world situation, environment and customers are changing year by year. I would like to grow together while flexibly responding to these changes. Why don’t you start by knowing the basic money rules, such as information on the money to lose if you do not know, how to increase the best assets in this era?

Seminar results

  • Money Seminar for Scroll Women
    (Money seminar for women, Money seminar for adults, Money seminar for 50s, Health & Money seminar, Sapporo, Niigata, Kanazawa, Tokyo, Machida, Takasaki, Osaka, Fukuoka, Oita)
  • Nikkei Adult Girls’ Association (Tokyo / Osaka)
  • Seminar for Money Forward Members (Tokyo)
  • TSUTAYA Money Seminar (Tokyo, Yokohama, Shonan)
  • Seminar for Saison members (Tokyo)
  • Seminar for members of Yamato Kanazawa department store (money seminar, lifelong seminar)
  • In-house welfare money seminar (for listed companies including foreign-affiliated companies, civil servants)
  • Money seminar for moms

Many others are active as nationwide money seminar instructors.
Over 300 seminar lecturer experience. Individual consultation for more than 250 households per year.