The minimum amount of money you need to know in order not to fail

Without knowing anything, foreign investment lost 5 million yen!

When I went to the United States alone, I didn’t have any deep knowledge of money, only dream and hope, and I didn’t think deeply. After winning the Le Mans, he didn’t work and lived while eating out his high retirement allowance.

At that time, my friend advised me to use an overseas fund, saying, “Because it will work well!”, And he invests it without investigating it, and loses 5 million yen. When I met him at that time, FP (Financial Planner) scolded me, “I don’t know so I will encounter this!”, And I realized for the first time the importance of money knowledge.

If I think about it now, I might not have this job if I didn’t make that mistake.

What happens in old age? Thinking about Japan’s future

The Japanese have little knowledge of the fact that they haven’t studied money, so they say “Isn’t it okay?” I didn’t have to worry about money myself, and I never thought that Japan’s old age would look like this. The economy is slumping to the extent that it is said to be the “lost 20 years.” Furthermore, due to the influence of this year’s corona, major changes in economic conditions and working styles will come around the world.

The feature of Japanese people is that they can save money, but it seems they are not good at increasing it. Even if I make a time deposit now, it doesn’t increase at all. When it comes to investing, many people say that they don’t want to lose or are scared. If you understand how to do it, it’s not scary.

Get the right knowledge of money at a money seminar!

We hold money seminars nationwide in the hope that we will contribute new information related to money and help resolve your concerns about money.

What I am talking about at the seminar is “How to make money”. Risk and return are proportional, so how much you take the risk and how you spread the risk. Many women from the Divorce Reserve Army are also taking classes. For financial reasons, there are many people in Japan who cannot divorce. The men may be frightened, but we are secretly planning so that we do not have to pay a solitude.

In individual consultations, we also introduce products that suit that person. Let’s convey the importance of money to everyone and discuss the improvement measures together. Please feel free to contact us.