Get the insurance plan that suits you best!

“Protect your money” for the risk of living!

Money needs to be “increased” and “protected”. If you fail to protect it, you may lose all your hard-earned money. To that end, insurance risk management is effective. Now that we are 100 years old, consider preparing for the risk of living rather than the risk of dying.

When I lost a lot of money due to overseas investment and my savings ran out, a certain FP (Financial Planner) said, “First of all, it is better for Mr. Morimoto to learn about money.” When asked, I entered the insurance industry at the age of 40.

Select products that meet modern medical care and needs

After 10 years in this industry, many things happen. When you get insurance, some people may have unexpected illnesses or accidents. One customer had a severe disability, but I received 35 million insurance claims from my insurance, and I was very grateful that Mr. Morimoto was happy.

Currently, very good savings insurance products such as hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance, long-term care insurance, and individual annuities are available. A long time ago, hospitalization insurance was paid from the 5th day after hospitalization, but since the hospitalization period is now short, it is recommended that it be paid on the same day.

The perfect plan for you

If you are a single person, I think that you should get nursing care insurance with a main focus on savings-type death protection rather than throw-off death protection. If you do not become a caregiver, the amount of money will increase to 100% or more, so you can cancel it and receive it for retirement. It’s a very good product, and I entered it for myself.

We believe that it is our mission to help the economy when our customers are in trouble. Therefore, we will consult with you personally about your anxiety and needs and give you the best advice. Please feel free to contact us.