Asset Management

Investment is not afraid if you understand the mechanism and risks!

I want you to feel more involved in investment

There are many people who say that they are “scary!” When it comes to investment, but it is a waste of time to be unable to move just by looking at the image. At Money Seminar, we are talking about the basic rule of “how to do well” so that investment can become more familiar.

There are causes for failure. There are many people who once failed to invest and became traumatized, never to do it again. In my case, I made a big mistake in overseas investment, but I didn’t even look into the other company by swallowing up my friend’s story, so it’s my responsibility. There is no doubt that large-scale companies around the world are using this type of investment, and even if such an investment is made at least, the amount of money will definitely increase compared to time deposits.

Image of raising money over 10 years

People who are overwhelmed by small price movements and can only make decisions in a short period of time often lose money. I want you to think in a span of about 10 years. If you pay every month for 10 years, risk will be diversified. Let’s do it like raising money in the long run.

The number of people who do not have a savings will not increase unless they take risks to some extent and do it at a fast pace. If you invest properly while diversifying risk, I think that it will be in a very good condition in 10 years, so please do not give up.

Ideally you want to invest 30% of your income

It’s less taboo about money than it used to be, and young people seem to talk to friends with Frank. I’m also trying out funded NISA. I can do it from a small amount, so I’m happy if it gives me a chance to try.

Ideally, 30% of your income should be invested, but it’s quite difficult. 20% is also good. It is said that there is a problem of 20 million yen in old age, but the amount of old age funds required varies from person to person. Let’s figure out that properly and talk about how we can reach it from now on.

After hearing various things such as how much risk can be tolerated and how much money can be invested each month, if you make a proposal that suits that person, you will be convinced that “I will try it”. Feel free to consult us, thinking of us as a doctor.